Complications in adolescent pregnancy: bibliographic review


  • Erika Ximena González Peñafiel Universidad Católica de Cuenca
  • Isabel Cristina Mesa-Cano Universidad Católica de Cuenca
  • Andrés Alexis Ramírez-Coronel Universidad Católica de Cuenca
  • Jenniffer Nataly Quito Peralta Universidad Católica de Cuenca


Palabras clave:

complications, adolescence, pregnancy


Pregnancy has a profound effect on adolescence, since it brings about a total change in the trajectory of women's lives. It can lead to situations of high obstetric risk, becoming a public health problem of great importance with a high biological and psychosocial cost. Objective: To examine the frequent complications of pregnancy in adolescents. Methodology: The research design is bibliographic; with the purpose of obtaining a notable scientific base that contributes to the information, an organized exploration of original articles was carried out through different digital databases such as: Google Scholar, PubMed, SciELO, Scopus, Web of Sciencie using the keywords: complications, adolescence and pregnancy, with a maximum age of 5 years and without language limitations. The search strategies used were based on the following search criteria: "adolescent pregnancy", "complications of adolescent pregnancy" and "adolescent pregnancy complications", in order to identify, select and refer to the sources which, in the most summarized manner, could be used to explain this topic. Results: Various analyses mentioned above indicate that obstetric complications in adolescents translate into health, labor, economic and educational terms in developing countries and among less favored social classes. Conclusions: It is vitally important to address this problem to increase prevention and promotion programs in order to improve their sexual and reproductive health.


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